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Take a trip down the Yellow Brick Road in Holland, Michigan.

Please join us in supporting an enchanting outdoor exhibit located on the grounds of Herrick District Library and Centennial Park. Bronze sculptures, a living floral mosaic, the yellow-brick road, and whimsical horticulture will honor L. Frank Baum who penned the classic tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, while staying at his family cottage in Macatawa.

In Centennial Park, annual plants will be used to create a 10’ X 12’ “open book” cover of this classic novel.  The iconic Yellow Brick Road will lead you to Herrick District Library where it winds through landscaped areas of colorful annuals and perennials. Six life-sized bronze sculptures from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be placed along the Yellow Brick Road, allowing visitors to interact with them. Not only will children find this exhibit enchanting, but kids of all ages will enjoy seeing these beloved characters in Holland!

The Oz Project is a collaborative community project spearheaded by the Holland Area Visitors Bureau and its partners, Holland in Bloom, Herrick District Library and the City of Holland.

Update – August 16

The Holland Oz Project launched on June 5th with the completed installation of the floral living mosaic book, the yellow brick road, and the colorful landscaping in Centennial Park. Personalized engraved yellow bricks will replace the current blank bricks that are in place now; all engraved bricks should be in place by August 31. We invite you to take a stroll along the yellow brick road in Centennial Park and enjoy the floral mosaic. As the summer continues, plantings in the book and landscape will continue to grow and thrive and illustrate what L. Frank Baum envisioned when writing this tale. Currently all plantings are young and vulnerable so we ask that you enjoy the book and landscaping from the yellow brick road.

The life-size bronze statues of the Oz characters were install at the Herrick District Library on August 30th, 2019.